COVID-19 Update - owner surrenders

We need to ensure room for sick, injured animals and those that may need housing due to the hospitalization of owners.

If you or your animal(s) are not in crisis and you just need to find a new home for your pet, we will ask you to find another resource to help in the re-homing process, such as the Adopt a Pet's Re-homing Toolkit below.

IF you need help using the Toolkit, we may be able to help!

We are also looking for additional foster families during this time.  If you would like to foster, please fill in our FOSTER FORM here.

Looking for a New Home for your pet? 

Please take a look at Adopt a's  Find Your Pet A New Home Website.

We are here to help, however, you may find the perfect home on their site.

Re-Homing/Stray intake Form

I need to find homes for the following:

Has your animal been vaccinated within 6-9 months?

Is it spayed/neutered?

Please send a photo of the animal to

Surrender Fees
  • Owned Cats $120 if not spayed/neutered or vaccinated
  • Owned Dogs $150 if not spayed/neutered or vaccinated
  • Owned Rabbits $50 if not spayed/neutered or vet checked
  • Owned Small Animals $10 if healthy
Bringing in a Stray? ~ Your Donation Helps!

Stray Dogs - Please contact Norfolk County Canine Control  Hillside Kennels 519-469-3247519-469-3247 

Cruelty to any animal is not tolerated in Ontario.

If you think an animal is in distress or is being abused, call: 1-833-9-ANIMAL (264625).

For more information visit

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