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Our Essential services during the COVID-19 Pandemic is guided by the AAWO, AASAO, Ontario Shelter Medicine Association, HSUS and CVMA shelter care guidelines. We ask that you leave healthy stray cats alone. it has been proven that strays are easier found by owners if they are left in their neighbourhood. We will help by creating posters for you and emailing them to you at your email address above. We will not be taking healthy stray cats into our shelter at this time. If you choose to take the animal into your home, please use an abundance of caution with your other animals regarding transference of disease and parasites.The best chance of survival for babies of any species is to stay with the mom. Rarely are babies truly orphaned - usually stolen from mom. Please leave them alone, don't remove them from where they are, leave them where you find them for mom to come back. After 24-48 hours we will ask you to help feed and keep until the closure is over.


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