We Need Your Help!

Simcoe and District Humane Society does not get any help from any level of Government and volunteers rely solely on donations and fundraising efforts.

Every day all types of animals need us; from sick, injured, malnourished, freezing, overheated, dying, orphaned, abandoned or surrendered

Volunteers (those at the shelter, foster homes and emergency call out) work round the clock to help these poor animals.

We cannot do it without your help!   

The Cost of Care is a daily necessity, including; Veterinary Appointments, Life-saving Medical Care,Medical tests, Medications and Supplements, Medical Care, Ongoing health care and maintenance, Housing,  Vaccinations, Spay/Neuter Surgeries, Food, Litter or bedding, Laundry, Daily Supplies

Every day volunteers are called on sick and injured animals of all types! Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, birds, and of course sick and dying wildlife.
Simcoe and District Humane Society is not alone.
Other Non-Profit volunteer organizations are inundated with calls as well; some not even in the Norfolk County area come into help with sick and injured wildlife.
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How Can You Help?

Your Donation Matters!  Every $ Counts!

  • Donate Supplies ~ See our Wish List Below


Spend some time

  • cleaning cages,
  • working in the office, answering phone calls,
  • run a fundraiser, 
  • Pick up supplies or donations,
  • drive animals to Brantford, Dunnville, Kitchener, London, Tillsonburg for veterinary appointments or spay/neuter clinics and more!

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Building Fund Poster (.pdf)

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Foster Homes

Foster Homes are an Integral part of our Society and needed for our orphans, surgical and long-term medical patients, precious kitties in training, litters of kittens/puppies (4-8 weeks old), dogs waiting for spay/neuter surgeries or needing special care, large animals, bunnies, small animals.

Check out our everyday Wish List ~

You will be surprised what we need and use!

Every day Volunteers are working for and with the animals. Whether in the shelter, in foster care, in our kennels …
we have to look after our cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, other small or large animals (the number and types can change
It is very normal for SDHS to have 125 plus animals in care each day … They won’t stay long as they get adopted
quickly once of age, medically treated/healed, spayed/neutered and readied for adoption. It is a revolving door as
more enter the system.
They need supplies in every venue to look after them!
Your support is necessary to continue looking after those less fortunate animals in care of SDHS.
Important Every Day Items Used at the Shelter

Things we use everyday that you could help with!

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